Forex Copy Trading Education

Have you considered investing in FOREX? Forex is the largest and most liquid market, with trillions of dollars traded between millions of parties around the globe each day.

With eight major currencies, there are 28 currency pairs that traders can trade, meaning there are plenty of opportunities available every day depending on a traders strategy.

Copy Trading is where an investor uses software which automatically copies trades executed by a professional trader. Your FOREX account is 100% controlled and owned by you. Software is used to execute the trades from the traders account to your own.

From a tax point of view, any profits from copy trading fall under capital gains tax and investing in FOREX will typically produce monthly cash flow which makes for an ideal investment.

Treaty FX provides a free video series to teach you the best and safest way to copy trade in the FOREX industry.

What you will Learn

We aim to teach the following on the course:

    1. How Forex trading works and what you can expect from copy trading.
    2. How Forex brokers work and some recommendations on which Forex brokers to register with.
    3. What services we recommend for the actual copy trading and things to look for when selecting a trader to copy.

We are able to provide this education for free, as we have partnered with brokers who give us a referral commission for any new investors we recommend to them. We see this as a win:win. This allows us to pass on our knowledge for free, while recommending the best brokers to you to use at the same time.

What sort of returns should I expect from traders?

Forex trading is very much a risk VS reward game. However, we encourage investors to learn to play the long run game. While some traders may make short term profits, we aim to teach investors how to spot traders that profit steady long term profits. Typically, the sort of trading signals we would recommend you copy would vary between returns of between 3-5% per month.

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